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Starting an Herb Garden

Starting an Herb Garden

Are you a foodie?  If you are unfamiliar with the term “foodie”, it means someone who relishes in the flavor of food.  It is someone who doesn’t just eat because they have to nourish their body, but someone who loves the taste of food and can easily distinguish the good from the not so good.

One easy trick that just about anybody can do to enhance a wonderful variety of flavor to their meals is to prepare your foods using fresh herbs.  Remarkably, fresh herbs are very simple to grow right in your own yard, flower bed, plant container, or even on your windowsill.

An herb is described as a type of plant that is used for culinary purposes, fragrances, or medicinal purposes.  In the culinary world, an herb usually refers to the flowering or leafy green part of the plant.  Herbs are pretty easy to grow, even for the inexperienced gardener.  Herbs are also pretty hardy plants once they have become established.

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