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Pickling Garden Vegetables

Pickling Garden Vegetables

Have you had a successful season producing healthy vegetables in your backyard garden?  If you find yourself overloaded with a variety of homegrown vegetables, then one way to preserve them throughout the rest of the year is to “pickle” them.  After the warm weather begins to cool, bring all of your garden vegetables indoors and get ready to prepare them for the long, cool months ahead.

Pickling vegetables began thousands of years ago.  It began as a way to preserve foods safely for long periods of time.  The word “pickle” comes from the Dutch word “pekel”.  The translation means “sharp in taste”.  Vinegar is usually the main ingredient of the liquid that pickled items are stored in, along with spices such as: salt, black pepper, garlic, mustard seed, cinnamon, or cloves.

There are a multitude of vegetables that can be preserved by pickling that you may have right from your garden.  Although cucumbers are the main vegetable that people think of when they think of “pickles”, other vegetables that are also delicious when pickled include: beets, zucchini, carrots, asparagus, and okra.  Pickling is a process of fermentation, and with a little bit of effort, can preserve your garden selections for many months to come.

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