Fall Lawn Preparation

Fall Lawn Preparation

The hot, hazy days of Summer are slowly fading away, and will soon turn into the cool, crisp days of Fall.  Plants, flowers, and gardens will soon shrivel up and perish when chilly mornings become the new normal.  When these cool days arise, it is a great time to inspect your outdoor surroundings and decide what maintenance you need to perform in order to prepare your yard for the cool season ahead.

The Fall season is a great time to clean up your lawn a little by disposing of yard waste you no longer need, and to think ahead for preparation of next year’s Spring season.  There are several things that you can do now that will improve the look and function of your lawn throughout the coming Winter and Spring.  Some ideas are listed below.

Aerate, seed, and fertilize your grass

With some yard preparation now, you can provide your grass with renewed oxygen and nutrient enrichment through aerating, and give new grass a chance to thrive with applied grass seed and fertilizer.  It is beneficial to do this every autumn, in order to keep your grass strong, healthy, and colorful.

Clean up flowerbeds and gardens

This is an excellent time to pull out annual plants and flowers that will not survive the cool temperatures of the days ahead, and replace them with cool-weather flowers, such as pansies.  It is also an ideal time to make a record of what plants thrived over the hot summer months, so you will remember them for next year, when you are preparing for Spring and Summer again.  This is also true for your garden.  Dispose of vegetation that is done with producing for this year, and replace them with Winter crops, if you wish.

If you have some plants that have grown too big for their provided space, then this is also a good time to divide plants and replant new divisions in other areas of your yard or in flowerpots.

Add mulch and treat disease

Fall is a great time to add mulch to your natural areas, especially around plants and shrubs.  Mulch will help protect roots from Winter freeze, as well as please the eye during the gray days of Winter. 

This is also a great time to check plants, shrubs, and roses for diseases, and treat them, if necessary.

Bring plants inside, if needed

If you have plants, especially tropical plants, that thrive outdoors during the Summer months, then you should bring them indoors so they will survive the Winter months.  If you lack space indoors, then a garage or storage shed will also give them protection from Winter weather.

Feed the birds

Wintertime can be excessively long for wildlife, and birds, in particular, will appreciate bird houses and bird feeders that you place around your yard.  In addition to helping the birds, you can enjoy their beauty and their songs, as you attract them to your yard with food and shelter.

Winterize your lawn furniture and water features    

Fall is the time to bring in the cushions you may have enjoyed resting on when the days were warmer.  If you bring in the cushions from your lawn furniture, then you can prolong their lifespan, as you protect them from wintry, slushy days. 

If you have water features, such as birdbaths, ponds, or fountains, you may also need to prepare them for the wintry days ahead.  It may be best to empty them or watch them closely as freezing temperatures loom ahead.

In conclusion, these are all ideas of things you may want to do, in order to prepare your outdoor surroundings for the change of seasons.  Although the days will shorten and our time outside will too, just some simple steps now can provide your yard with healthy preparation and a beautiful look for Winter.

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