Fire Pit Types and Considerations

Fire Pit Types and Considerations

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Have you been searching for a new addition for your yard that can provide a bit of outdoor entertainment and will enhance a cozy environment for friends and family to gather?  Perhaps an outdoor fire pit is the answer.  Many homeowners are adding fire pits that serve as a central location for people to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  An outdoor fire pit adds just the right amount of ambience for folks to enjoy and relax in the warm setting.  An outdoor fire pit can also help to reduce the number of flying insects that can be bothersome during relaxing summer evenings and can provide a flame for yummy s’more creations, or can knock off the chill of cooler nights spent outdoors.

There are two main types of outdoor fire pits: wood-burning fire pits and gas-burning fire pits.  Before purchasing a fire pit, you may wish to check out our list of factors to consider regarding the different types of fire pits.  Below you will find a list of six different considerations on fire pit types and their uses.

1.Decide the purpose of the fire pit:

Why are you considering a fire pit?  Are you interested in a place where you can roast hot dogs, cook s’mores, or heat up some fresh cowboy coffee?  Or are you interested in a setting that is more for gathering a friend or two while enjoying a quiet place to reflect and converse with one another?  Generally speaking, wood-burning fire pits are ideal for cooking and experiencing the sounds of crackling firewood, while gas-burning fire pits are aimed more at providing a subdued mood and atmosphere.

2. Which fuel type is best for you and consider the storage of the fuel:

Wood-burning fire pits require the storage of wood, while gas-burning firepits require a propane tank or a natural gas line.  Consider your location and decide which storage is best for your environment.

3. How much will a fire pit cost?

Generally speaking, the cost of a gas-burning fire pit is higher initially, but the maintenance prices are about the same between the two types.  A wood-burning firepit ranges from $500-$1500 for complete installation, while a gas-burning fire pit runs about $800-$3000.  These prices may vary greatly based on size, type, and location of the fire pit.

4. What is the installation process of the fire pit?

Gas fire pits are typically a bit trickier to install, especially if you decide to run a natural gas line to the fire pit area.  A wood-burning fire pit is quite simple; it’s basically a campfire sort of pit, but built for longevity and solid, strong function.

5. Consider the convenience of the fire pit:

Gas-burning fire pits are usually much easier to use than wood-burning ones, simply because the flip of a switch is all that is needed in order to start the fire.  Personal preference comes into play for this decision because you must decide which type of fire pit is right for you.

6. Safety considerations for fire pits:

As with any fire source, caution must always be used in order to prevent accidents.  Fire pits should be placed a safe distance away from your home.  Wood-burning fire pits must be completely extinguished every time it is used.  Gas-burning fire pits should have regular maintenance and inspection of the gas line and all connections.

Adding a fire pit area to your yard can definitely add value to your property and value to your way of living.  A fire pit can provide a wonderful place for entertaining, relaxation, and peacefulness.

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