Lawn Maintenance Guide

Lawn Maintenance Guide

The trees and flowers are blooming, the bees and birds are humming and creating nests for their families, and the outdoor surroundings seem to be beckoning for people to come outside and stay awhile.  It’s that time of year when people everywhere are planting flowers, filling their bird feeders, trimming their bushes, and mowing their lawns.  It can be a pleasure for some who love to work outdoors, but it can also be a chore for some, too.  With some easy routine steps and regular maintenance of your lawn, you can alleviate some of the pressure of the looming task of taking care of your yard.

We spoke with the experts at Mighty Green Lawn Care who offer the best lawn care services Birmingham AL has to offer.  They gave us several ideas that can be useful for anyone who takes care of a yard regularly.  Although caring for a yard does take some time and commitment, with regular care, your yard can prosper. 

The first thing to consider is that you need to derive a schedule for your yard.  Plan a schedule for mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or even watering your lawn.  It may be helpful to create a list of things to do weekly, monthly, semiannually, or annually.  For example, mowing, edging, and weeding would be activities to do on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule; while aerating your lawn is something usually done on an annual basis.

Mowing your lawn is one of the basic necessities that should not be ignored.  A thriving lawn actually grows best when recurring mowing takes place and when blades are at a mid-length level.  When you cut your grass before it becomes too high, the maximum amount of stimulation occurs for the grass blades to stay strong and continue to grow at a healthy rate. 

You should decide if your lawn needs to be watered regularly, also.  Depending on your location, amount of rainfall, and average temperature, you may decide you never need to add additional water to your lawn, or you may plan a schedule for watering.  Regular mowing and watering helps to stimulate your lawn in order to grow and stay healthy.

Fertilizing your lawn is also an important activity that will help the grass to flourish.  Blades of grass are often competing for nutrients with other blades of grass, surrounding flowers, bushes, or trees.  It is vital for healthy grass to have enough nutrients in order for it to grow, remain green, and have the strength to fight off weeds that try to take over.  It is a good recommendation to provide your lawn with a good overall fertilizer at least twice a year.  A good fertilizer will contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  Fertilizing is best completed in the spring and fall, when temperatures are not too extreme and grasses are in a transitional stage.  In addition, if you are interested in adding a deeper green color to your lawn, you may also choose to use a fertilizer with iron.

As you can understand, regular maintenance of your lawn will provide the healthiest conditions for your grass.  Although it may not seem true, regular maintenance will also allow you the least amount of work in order to have a nice looking lawn.  A well-maintained yard is simply easier to care for than one that needs “special” attention in order to get it to look nice.

Once you have completed your lawn care for the day, sit back and enjoy the lovely outdoors and the results of your labor.   

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