Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal

The time of year will soon be arriving when the days become shorter and the temperatures become cooler.  Soon the leaves on the trees will fade from vibrant green to a myriad of oranges and reds, before they float to the ground and cover the grasses.  This is also the time of year when many of us will spend hours raking the leaves into piles and figuring out a way to dispose of them, before they smother our grasses and turn our lawns brown.  Perhaps we can help with a few ideas of the best way to deal with the massive loads of leaves that will soon become an issue.

You have probably seen people bent over large leaf bags shoveling piles of leaves into the bags that are positioned on the ground.  Although this may seem like a frivolous investment to some consumers, the purchase of a leaf bag holder can give you years of simple pleasure and can help save your back from unwanted pain.  You can find leaf bag holders at most home and garden supply stores, as well as a multitude of them online.  They range in price from about $12.00 to $40.00, and they are available in a variety of styles.  Most of them are collapsible; therefore, they will not take up much space during the off season when you aren’t using it.  Some owners find that they are very useful for other purposes besides holding leaves, though.  They can be useful for collecting trash around the house or for storage, too.  Whichever leaf bag holder you may choose, one thing is for sure, and that is that you will be surprised how much easier it is to place leaves inside an open leaf bag versus shoveling them into a flat bag on the ground.

Another tool that you may find useful is a leaf mulcher or leaf vacuum.  Quite often, one machine can do both of these functions.  The price range for this item is usually from $50.00 to a few hundred dollars.  These machines can be heavy and bulky, if they are handheld, so keep that in mind if you are the person lugging it around the yard, as you mulch or vacuum the leaves.  There are also mulching and vacuum attachments for most lawn mowers, also. 

Some lawn experts believe that mulching leaves and leaving the remains lying on top of your grass is beneficial for the growth of new grasses.  As the leaves decompose, they provide nutrients for young grass that will help the grass to grow when Spring comes around again.  Mulched leaves will also help protect your grass roots for the cold Winter temperatures, and will help lock moisture in the ground.  Leaves should be mulched into very small pieces, because sunlight should still be able to get through or mold will begin to grow. 

Another tool that may be useful is a leaf blower.  A leaf blower does exactly what it says, it will blow the leaves for you into one section of your yard.  This can be a tremendous aid if you want to avoid raking and get all the leaves in one area, thus making it easier to bag them, vacuum them, or mulch them.  If you have natural areas in your yard, then you may be able to just blow the leaves to that natural area and leave them there as they decompose.

Any of these tools can be helpful to you as you decide which way is best to deal with your leaves of Fall.  You may choose one tool, or you may use a combination of them.  Whichever you decide, the outcome will be worth the effort as you prepare your yard for the cold days of Winter ahead.

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